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Rock of Ages: Overview Y8 Game

Tell me, which of you was not drawn to laugh at least once during a responsible event? Remember the official part of your graduation, the report of the school principal or class teacher to peers. All these terribly serious people are standing with stone faces, broadcasting about something extremely important. And somewhere in the clouds, you think about yours, and then abruptly switch to your interlocutor and are surprised that his frowning face and arrogant tone in his voice seem insanely funny. I would like to push in the side, cheerfully saying: “Come on you! Maybe we’ll be simpler? ”The jokers and jokers from ACE Team , who were already remembered thanks to Zeno Clash, their light and relaxing Rock of Ages, seem to want to tell us the same thing. And, of course, “troll” the amateurs fromTeotl Studios with their The Ball.

Comparison with last year's "Ball" and asks for the analysis of Rock of Ages . We will not describe the pros and cons of the parties much, but we will only agree that the ACE Team turned out to be more fun and exciting. Of course, the genres of the games are different, but indecent a lot of attention is given to the ball in both cases. Play best Y8 Games at the website.

So, now about the very desire to laugh at a crucial moment. Developers, like most of us, studied the myths of Ancient Greece in childhood. If you remember, then the gods plotted against each other, cursed with ominous curses, threw tridents and punished the guilty in the most merciless way. Some took these stories too literally and built the series God of Warbased on the. It’s quite meaty and spectacular, but pumped with testosterone and an obsessive desire to “take revenge on everyone”. We do not blame SCE Santa Monica - this is her choice, and there is no need to remind now that the exclusives for the PlayStation were amazing. Chilean creators also decided to exploit ancient Greek mythology for their own benefit and for our amusement. The basis was a harsh and regrettable story about Sisyphus.

This is the same guy who, for certain faults, was instructed to roll a huge boulder in the kingdom of Hades to the top of the mountain. As soon as our deceiver, thief, robber and lover of fooling around a fool before the gods delivered his heavy load to the right place, the work had to be started all over again: the ball rolled backward, thoughts of meaningless work and time spent tormented with renewed vigor.

Only here according to the creators of Rock of Ages one day Sisyphus such a mocking attitude towards him pretty much got it. He realized that the ball can be used not only as a handy tool for escape, but also as a weapon of revenge ...

gameplay is a mixture of rolling the ball from The Balland laying obstacles to the opponent’s shell. Any card is a symmetrical gutter suspended high above the ground or no one knows where. Our main goal is to roll our ball straight to the gate, behind which the enemy is hiding. From the first time the door will not break - attempts are required at least two or three. During the trip of our round comrade, we will have to deal with set up obstacles. They can be catapults of various sizes and ranges, animals, mines with fuel, watch towers and artillery headquarters, causing support from the air. Your opponent kindly arranges all your joys during the “respite” - when the boulder has already reached the addressee, and the creation of a new one has not yet been completed.

Actually, everything is clear for the main purpose. It is important that as long as our projectile travels from the center of the map to the enemy’s gate, as much as possible ... put pressure on people, break up defense structures into chips and leave the ball more or less intact. For the collapse of everything and the whole game generously rewards gold. We destroy more - we receive more money. However, it is not necessary to be distracted by vandalism at all - you can poke the semblance of “savings banks”, with the help of which your savings will grow over time.

The Rock of Ages storyline campaign is quite short and, oddly enough, insanely insane. Adopting such a positive and simple mechanics, ACE TeamI completely forgot about diversity and fun. No, developers have complete order with humor. The visual style and voice acting of the clips is what they are worth. But the clowning, empty to stupidity, is terribly boring. And the squeaks and dances of the puppet heroes (in the literal sense) over time begin to annoy. The same thing with bosses. This, of course, is pleasant and fun when the developers themselves point out the enemy’s weaknesses, mocking at similar fights in a thousand and one slashers. But if the disassembly with each monstryatin consists in a triple hit on a vulnerable spot and no more ... here you forget about the unique visual style.

I want to find solace in multiplayer - in theory, Rock of Agescreated for him. Yes, only a couple of modes (and this, taking into account the fact that you completely revealed the essence of one of them in the plot campaign), will not entice you for a long time. You need a lot of beautiful maps, all kinds of gizmos for building up defensive structures - a lot of things. However, the number of players still can not hold. Each round lasts no more than three minutes and manages to get bored faster than the local musical compositions.

Rock of Ages is sorely lacking in scale and diversity. "Live" mechanics and a pleasant visual style quickly exhaust themselves in the story campaign, as well as in multiplayer. But if you suddenly want to roll balls carefree, listen to the revelations of Leonardo da Vinci and charge with cobble stones in a huge children's face - you are welcome.

Pros: excellent visual style; interesting mechanics; dynamic multiplayer.
Cons: monotony; little content; the game runs out too fast.