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Can You Run a Casino Themed Henna Indian Wedding Party?
The Sangeet Party and Mehendi ceremony are important parts of Indian wedding couture but what about modern western themes like casino parties? Is it at all possible? Let's see!

While weddings celebrate a couple's love and commitment, they can also be regarded as celebrations of their religious beliefs and cultural traditions. Hindu wedding ceremonies are the perfect example when it comes to this interesting blend of religion, culture, tradition, and wedding-related rituals. The Sangeet party is organized a few days before the big event, and it brings together the bride's relatives so they can dance, sing, and rejoice together.

It is also common for the bride's family to welcome the family of the groom by singing them a folk song.

Yes, just like you've seen in the movies!

The Mehendi Wedding Party

There are also lots of Hindu and even Muslim weddings that plan henna parties prior to the wedding. This is called a Mehendi ceremony and it revolves around the use of henna on the hands and feet of the bride. It takes place one day before the marriage, and it can take a few good hours, as the painting process is a painstaking one. The henna artist will also make sure that all the guests to the party are happy as well, and receive their own body paintings. If you are currently on the look for talented henna or Mehandi artist who can spice up your pre-wedding party, feel free to check our website for more information.

Think of it as a bridal shower party with lots of henna and gorgeous skin tattoos. Don't worry, henna is made from dried henna leaves, and you don't need to worry about imprinting your new tattoos on your skin forever.

Casino-Themed Bachelor Parties

It is also very common for Indian or Hindu weddings to be preceded by a casino-themed party for the groom and his male friends. Or it could be a mix of henna and casino styles, so everyone can be brought together and have fun at the same time.

Rent Gambling Gear

If you truly want to throw an outstanding bachelor party before your big wedding day, you could consider renting gaming and gambling equipment. One can hire professional party organizers that come with game dealers – just make sure they fit into your budget first as this can be quite expensive! If you have a limited budget then there are tons of DYI gaming party ideas online. You can even buy a complete casino party set from Amazon with decoration and all.
As you won't have any professional dealers to help with the actual gaming you would also have to print ut the rules for the games and learn at least the basic rules of games like poker and blackjack yourself so you can be the party "dealer" and this is really not as complicated as it may sound. There are some really great and printable game tutorials for "dummies" on the internet. This site has good ones for almost every game. I would actually argue that doing this will be the difference between a party your friends will talk about forever, or one they rather forget about! Make the experience as real and genuine as possible. If you have time, I would even take it a bit further and practice the rules for basic poker or blackjack/21 on some free games (!) before the party. Let's say your friends turn out to be professional blackjack players, as a host, you would probably feel embarrassed if you actually never played these types of games.

Your guests will definitely appreciate the extra mile you've run for them!