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What can a child give with a toothache - drops, pills, gels
To eliminate a toothache in a child, it is important to choose safe, but effective remedies. The pharmacy has a large selection of pain medications special for children, which will help with dentalgia.
[h2] Why does a child have a toothache [/ h2]
First you need to understand why the child has pain. This will help to choose the right painkiller before visiting a doctor. For example, when teething, you should use special gels like Kamistad, Holisal, Viburkol. With stomatitis, they will also help. And with caries or pulpitis, you already need to give preference to tablets from the group of analgesics and NSAIDs.

The most common causes of dentalgia in young children are:
• teething - this is accompanied by pain, burning, itching, the inflammatory process may join;
• stomatitis is a common occurrence among children, then painful sores in the mouth appear, which do not allow eating normally;
• caries - with severe damage to the enamel, access to the pulp, the most vulnerable and painful part of the tooth, then the pain is quite severe;
• pulpitis - inflammation of the pulp, which is also accompanied by severe pain;
• hyperesthesia - with fine enamel, tooth sensitivity can be increased, then it hurts the child to eat, drink hot and cold.

In each case, the child must be taken to the dentist. The doctor will choose the most effective and safe treatment. Before visiting the clinic, the child can be given pain medication to reduce his suffering.
[h2] What to give the child with toothache [/ h2]
For children it is allowed to give the following funds from dentalgia:
• Dentinorm Baby - drops, a homeopathic remedy on a natural basis, copes well with inflammation and helps with teething;
• Ibuprofen and Paracetamol - these drugs are safe for children, and they are available in different forms, which is very convenient, it is better for the child to choose suppositories, since they begin to act quickly and there is no negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract;
• Nise, Nimesil, Nimesulide - these are NSAIDs that are often used specifically in dentistry, but they are not recommended for use up to 12 years;
• Nurofen for children - allowed from 3 months, which is its advantage;
• Traumeel-S, Holisal - gels that are applied to the oral mucosa, they anesthetize and help remove the inflammatory process.

Taking pain medication does not solve the problem. This is a temporary measure. If you ignore the toothache, you can face unpleasant consequences, because the causative disease continues to progress.