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Landmarks of Mongolia
Between China and Russia, in the depths of East Asia, you will find yourself in the country of the traditions of the nomadic life of the Mongolian people. They say that the main attraction of Mongolia is its emptiness. The giant country is inhabited by a handful of nomadic people who can 100% adapt to its harsh nature.

What you should know about Mongolia
• Mongolia is among the countries with the lowest population density in the world.
• Due to widespread illiteracy and a nomadic way of life, we find very few documented historical data.
• 40% of the population lives in the capital of Ulaanbaatar, 20% in other large cities and towns, and the remaining 40% live a nomadic way of life scattered throughout the country, along with their herds of goats, sheep, horses and cattle.
• The Mongols are a nation of young people - nearly 70% of the population is under 35 years old.
• The country is diverse - there are mountainous areas, plateaus, semi-deserts and deserts (Gobi). However, three quarters of the country is occupied by pastures where large herds of animals graze.

Landmarks of Mongolia
To begin with, Mongolia does not strive for luxury and comfort, but for the beautiful nature and culture of local residents. Mongolia is not included in the list of the best tourist destinations, so here you will not find special hotels or other attractions. You just have to live like the locals live.

Gorkhi-Terelsky National Park
One of the best places in Mongolia for exploring the local nature, hiking and walking. Gorkhi-Terel National Park is also popular among locals living in the capital - it is located just a few tens of kilometers from Ulaanbaatar. It offers affordable accommodation in the local yurt of Gers and thousands of kilometers of hiking trails.

City of Tsetserleg
Probably the most attractive city in Mongolia. It is located in a beautiful wooded valley, dominated by a monastery and a local market.
If you want to make only one trip, we recommend that you go to Terhin Tsagaan Nuur (White Lake). This is a unique place popular for tourism - there are many hiking trails and places of residence for local residents.

Lake Hovsgol
The largest lake in Mongolia. This is one of the largest tourist attractions in the country, where locals and tourists from other countries gather. The area around the lake is ideal for hiking. Other popular activities include traditional fishing, hiking and boating.

Naadam Festival
Once a year, the Mongols leave their homes and go on a trip to visit the largest traditional festival called Nadam. In summer, sports and games are held here annually. Traditional disciplines include various wrestling, horse racing and archery. The festival is held not in one place, but in all major cities and important regions. There are some reasons which lead to the Internet acquaintances – lack of time, shyness, desire to choose your only love between many others. Popular web chat with girls who wants to talk to you! Thousands of beautiful girls are online and waiting for your search! Get free trial now no sign up needed. If you just sit in front of your webcam doing nothing the entire time, no boy or girl with want to stick around and watch you do nothing..