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Magrunner: Dark Pulse: Overview Friv Game

As you know, the Portal series opened a whole direction in the gaming industry: after it, many rushed to do puzzles, where we are locked in some strange complex and forced to overcome numerous obstacles. But the masterpieces from Valve were taken not only with puzzles: there was still charisma, style, atmosphere and humor. So those who follow, also try to somehow stand out. The indie hit Antichamber framed the puzzles with surrealism and all sorts of clever thoughts about our lives. And Magrunner: Dark Pulse , the new game of the Franco-Ukrainian studio Frogwares (authors of famous quests about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson), is famously interrupted by cyberpunk and worlds... Howard Lovecraftwith all these Cthulhu cults and other horrors.

However, at first the potential audience did not cause such a wild cocktail of enthusiasm - the fundraising campaign for Magrunner: Dark Pulse , launched on the European counterpart of Kickstarter, the Ulule service, did not reach its goals. And if not for the long-standing partners of Frogwares from the French publisher Focus Home Interactive , then we might not have seen the game. All you need is just to find a good gaming web-site Also, one good thing about online games is that you can play more and more at a time.

The action of Magrunner: Dark Pulse really takes place in a typical cyberpunk world, where a huge megacorporation controls the entire population through a single LifeNet information network. The head of the syndicate seems to have decided to go further and conquer space. To do this, he gathered scientists from all over the world and with their help invented MagTech technology - using the properties of magnetic fields, it releases the energy necessary for the development of space To test MagTek should have been seven carefully selected experts - “Magranners”. All of them, including our hero, an orphan of Dax Ward, were launched into a huge complex full of different obstacles. The one who will best recommend himself here and fly to meet new worlds.

If the other candidates receive the support of various investors, then Dax can only rely on a mutant scientist and part-time great hacker named Gamaji - it was he who brought up Ward when the boy lost his parents. At first, this story develops quite predictably: we solve not too complicated puzzles and listen to predictably skeptical cues from other characters about Dax's future prospects as a magranner.

He, of course, does not give up and begins to surprise everyone with his success. However, he himself is further surprised: soon the complex is cut off from the outside world, including LifeNet, and unpleasant things begin to happen inside its walls. Some terrible creatures attack Dex's colleagues and himself, and sterile rooms and laboratories are periodically replaced by gloomy catacombs. Or on the walls there are traces of destruction, skulls and inscriptions in the spirit of "Cthulhu was here." As you already understood, all this “testing” pursued actually completely different goals, and the Beast of the Worlds and its minions could not do without it ...

All this, of course, looks somewhat far-fetched and ridiculous. At the same time, the scriptwriters take the setting they created too seriously: Magrunner clearly lacks “portal” humor. On the other hand, a certain intrigue appears, and it becomes interesting to us how this whole catavasia will end. Moreover, the story is set well and does not confine itself to the main character alone: ​​Gamaji periodically shouts something nervously, advises and saves our lives, and the arrogant LifeNet journalist, who was ironic about Ward's successes, now begs him for help.

But as for the game mechanics themselves, it is not always able to maintain interest in passing. Everything is based on a simple rule invented by the authors: with the help of a special magnetic glove, a player can polarize surrounding objects, giving them a positive or negative field. After that, objects with the same polarity will attract, and with different - repel.

Using this feature, throughout the game we will move the platforms and look for special blocks, without which here - as without hands. They can include new magnetic fields, break down impregnable doors, and accelerate improvised elevators. And even throw the player in the right place: just put such a cube on a magnetized platform, jump on it, activate the opposite field - and you fly on the cube, like Baron Munchausen at the core.

Naturally, gradually the tasks become more complicated and additional nuances appear. For example, we are periodically required to get out of a huge cube, spreading its wings, find small cubes in order to create a large one from them, to destroy some turrets or obstacles by launching an exploding cube in them ... In general, solid cubism!

Somewhere in the middle, we will be taught how to create magnetic fields anywhere - there appears a Newton hologram, but not of what I once received with an apple by the grapevine, but of the beloved dog of the protagonist who received such a nickname from Dax. He, of course, is cute and funny and brings at least some kind of humor to this overly serious story. But even after that, there’s nothing fundamentally new in Magrunner: Dark Pulsewill not appear: with the help of magnetized Newton, it will be necessary to get all the same cubes from hard-to-reach places and move the platforms.

Only situations when something unexpected happens in a plot or the situation changes dramatically: once, for example, we are forced to circle platforms on an eerie labyrinth stuffed with sculptures of some monsters.

It is clear that all such games are twisted around the use of any one mechanic. But you can string a lot of interesting and diverse situations on it, as it was in Portal and Antichamber . Authors Magrunner: Dark Pulsethey also try to do it, but it turns out they still worse. In addition, there is practically no creative freedom: we do not experiment with mechanics in search of some original solutions, but simply perform routine work, trying to find the only true logic for game designers. And it sooner or later begins to tire.

This does not mean that the game is bad. Periodically, there are really interesting puzzles, and the plot retains a certain intrigue. It's just that Frogwares once again turned out to be a game that lacks a bit of genius, grace, humor and integrity. In a word, that magnet that would attract universal and exceptionally positive attention to Magrunner .

Pros: the presence of Cthulhu; good overall plot; original puzzle mechanics.
Cons: puzzles are often repeated; somewhat ridiculous setting..