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Horoscope for the year 2019 according to the signs of the zodiac # 004
In the summer, expect an influx of guests: distant relatives, old friends, or maybe those who are nearby will want to come to you. In general, the year promises to be busy: for work, for romance and love, for guests, for hobbies and possible big waste. Free time may appear 1-2 weeks in the fall. But be prepared - passions at work can be heated, so wait a while until the end of autumn, be on the alert and do not give up. And only then can you relax. Leave absolutely everything at home, go to a place where no problems will reach you. And then, until the very new year, a period of calm awaits you. You should not completely relax, otherwise everything that you achieved may break.

Libra (09/23/23/10). Since the coming year completes the twelve-year cycle, you need to finish all your business and pay back all your debts. The symbol of last year favored you in everything, and you relaxed a bit. The pig, though kind, but just does not give anything. You’ll have to roll up your sleeves and try hard. Take everything into your own hands immediately after the holidays, both at work and at home: finish projects, complete long-running negotiations, start repairs and change furniture. But do not refuse new friends and invitations to visit and gatherings - most meetings can become fatal this year. In the spring, take time for creativity, even if you are very busy - this will help you get distracted and put your thoughts in order. Also, by April, expect a new relationship or a storm of emotions in existing ones. The coming spring will awaken a natural charm in you - do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of this. Summer will pass quite calmly in the cradle of love, with gatherings and family evenings. Even not the most enjoyable activities like gardening or major repairs will be beneficial. You can go on vacation in early autumn. But at the end of September you may suffer financial problems. Do not miss the opportunity to earn extra money, maybe luck in the lottery will smile at you. In winter, do not relax, remember - you just need to enter the new annual cycle with all the completed tasks.

Scorpio (10.24-22.11). The horoscope for those born under the sign of Scorpio is very ambiguous, it all depends on the date of birth, dividing this zodiac sign into three decades. For those born from October 24 to November 3, the Pig prepared a very important event at the beginning of the year, giving motivation for action for the coming time.