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How to transform the kitchen for the New Year
Each family has traditions, adhering to which people create their elusive image of the perfect weekend, holidays and everyday life. And in any house there are places where every member of the family prefers to be most often. For children it is a children's room, for parents - a kitchen and a living room.
Before the New Year, a time comes when the familiar atmosphere of the kitchen, nursery or living room needs to be transformed at the time of the holidays. After all, nothing so elevates the mood as a festively decorated room, especially if the whole process of preparing delicious holiday dishes for the New Year's table takes place in this room. A kitchen is not only a place where dishes are prepared, but usually the whole family gathers there for dinner, children talk about their achievements at school, and adults discuss business and share plans for the coming weekend and holidays. Therefore, it will not be out of place to create a festive mood exactly where the concentration of warmth and comfort of the whole family.
What can be done to transform the kitchen to meet the long-awaited holiday of the year?
In fact, this is not at all difficult to do, it is enough to follow some rules and attach a little bit of imagination to decorating the kitchen.
Rule 1. "Create a New Year mood"
To add winter motives, it is not necessary to make a major overhaul, just add bright colors in the form of green spruce branches, Christmas balls and crackers, cut snowflakes from bright paper and hang garlands of cones and tinsel throughout the kitchen.
Some ideas for holiday decoration
A transparent vase with New Year's toys is a great idea for the New Year's “highlight” in the interior, toys of white and blue colors look especially beautiful. The same moment can repeat, but use fruits of red and green shades (for example, pomegranates and limes) instead of toys, a great solution for decorating a festive table.
New dishes of turquoise shades will create a New Year's mood not only for the New Year, but for the whole winter. Moreover, blue and blue are symbols of the coming year of the Horse.
Wooden decorations with small candles (which can be lit closer to the holiday) will look beautiful on the bar or upper cabinets. In addition, the tree is also a symbol of the coming year and will certainly bring good luck.
Rule 2. “Add winter colors”
New Year is a snowy winter, patterned windows, hot tea and a warm plaid. And the smell of tangerines, Christmas trees, a crunch of snow underfoot, knitted socks and funny hats with pompons. Armed with easily washable paints, you can beautifully decorate cabinets, a refrigerator and even a table (children especially like to do this) with funny figures, snowflakes, bells and other winter symbols.
Idea for decoration
Tall vases with cranberries or other healthy winter berries will fit perfectly into any interior and add fun and celebration. A beautiful tablecloth of unusual shades (yellow, purple, red, green) will be an interesting solution for giving the kitchen a festive look.
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