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How to lay a carpet yourself
Carpet is a popular floor covering that owners pay attention to, among other things, due to its rather simple laying technology. But, if the owners want to conduct the event correctly, they must first of all study the technology itself in detail. What will have to do?

1. Preparation for the main work

In order for the carpet to lie on the rough surface correctly, the latter must be well prepared. It is not enough to just remove the old cladding and get rid of the dirt. You will definitely have to eliminate all elevation changes, because the carpet in the future will surely repeat the unevenness of the floor.

The best method is to fill in a self-leveling screed using a specially designed compound. But an ordinary concrete mixture is also suitable. After pouring the screed, you can also lay the substrate using OSB or MDF panels. But the seams between them will also have to be well putty.

2. Preparation of carpet for laying on the floor

It is good if the owners use only one piece of carpet to cover the entire working surface. But still, in this case, first you need to bring it into the room, spread it on the floor and smooth it. Then he is allowed to lie down for at least three days. Excess material around the perimeter should be cut off. They also do this if you need to use several paintings at once. But then the material is cut off, leaving at least a small margin of about 5 cm.

3. Fixing the carpet on the floor

You can lay sheets of carpet in different ways. For example, you can do without fixing at all. But only on condition that the room has a small area. The carpet is smoothed, then attached around the perimeter using an ordinary baseboard.

When the room is spacious or several sheets of carpet are required to finish the floor, they will have to be glued. For gluing, the carpet is first rolled up, then the adhesive mixture is applied to the rough surface, and then the material is unwrapped and pressed to the floor. It is very important already at this stage to get rid of any air bubbles remaining under the canvases.

4. Sealing joints between sheets

When using multiple carpet webs, it is important to seal the remaining seams well. So-called cold welding is best suited for this. It is applied to a pre-cleared gap and left to fasten. Cold welding will reliably grasp the edges of the sheets, so in the future between them dirt and moisture will no longer fall. Arab sex movie نيك on