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Replica Watches and Earnings
In this article I want to talk about a slightly unusual way of earning money for a beginner - this is selling copies of watches.
Well-known global watch manufacturers release new products regularly and very actively advertise them, therefore they are often in full view of people, but what about an ordinary person, when the original costs $ 50,000 or more, and you really want to wear or present to someone from your close ones ? This is where copy makers come to the rescue.
I want to say that today in Russia and Ukraine, copies of watches are in great demand. This is a great gift for the New Year, Birthday, anniversary, February 23, March 8 and many other holidays. Sales before the New Year are especially pleasing, the gift is quite universal and at the same time not some cheap stuff - an ideal option. Product quality is also not far behind the originals, high-quality Japanese movements, sapphire crystal and leather straps.

The price of a watch starts from 4500r. and ends at about 25000r. From my own experience I will say that the average cost of one purchase is 7000 rubles. (not the cheapest watch + gift box made of wood). What is your task?
You need to bring buyers to the affiliate online store using your special (unique) link, the system remembers the buyer for 365 days as yours, that is, any purchase. which he will commit during this time will count towards you.

You get from 20% of the value of the order that your person made. The more orders - the greater the percentage. If the average order is 7t. R. , then your commission will be from 1400r. Great result for one order.
How to get started?
First you need to register in the affiliate program of the online store.
We go through a complicated registration procedure and after confirming it, go to your personal account on the site (all the necessary data will be sent to your e-mail after registration)

In the top menu, select the & quot; Promo & quot; tab, then on the new page click on & quot; Links & quot; and choose the store you like. After that, your unique links will appear under a small image of the store - these are exactly what you need to advertise. If you have any questions about work, you can always read the answers in the & quot; Frequently Asked Questions & quot; (located in the left menu below your data, go to the forum for help or click on the & quot; Support & quot; link in the top menu. There, campaign employees will answer any questions you may have regarding working with the store.
How to attract people?
The most common way is your sites. However, if you do not have your own website, then social networks come to the rescue.

Almost all of us are registered either on Vkontakte or in Odnoklassniki and there we have our own small audience. Try to place a text on the sale of copies of watches and your affiliate link below. In classmates, you can also add a beautiful picture, which can also be found in the interface of the affiliate program.
You can also advertise individual watch models on popular message boards such as,, and many others. Place the picture of the watch and your affiliate link to this particular model and get your income from the sale of this model.
If you communicate a lot on the forums - post a link in the signature and people will see it and go to the store website - the main thing is to create an enticing title, for example, & quot; President’s Watch for 5000r! & quot; And such options for attracting people to the store are just a lot. Think, experiment and remember - the more you work, the more you earn.
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