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Male infertility signs
A lot has been said about male infertility. TV, radio every day talk about all kinds of causes of infertility, its consequences, etc. In principle, the fear of the media is not in vain, because in the society of men the idea is widespread that only a woman is responsible for procreation, but the male, by definition, cannot shoot single. Alas, this is not so. Let's see why.

What causes male infertility?

There are plenty of factors that can deprive a man of offspring in the modern world, among them:

Lack of exercise, prolonged sitting (at work, at home at a PC, in a car);
Wearing tight clothing for a long time (underpants, swimming trunks-boxers), especially in warm weather and indoors;
Unprotected sexual intercourse, including non-traditional sex (anal, oral);
Binge eating;
Constant stress.

How to recognize infertility in men?

Male infertility is accompanied by signs that are not always clear and understandable to the average person. However, for some manifestations it is possible to suspect something was wrong without special analyzes. Pregnancies with regular sexual intercourse with a partner should be alerted for 12 months, provided that during this period future parents excluded alcohol, smoking, the influence of ionizing radiation, all kinds of stresses, hypothermia and overheating. If, after taking these measures, two strips were not found on the test, then the best option is for partners to contact the urologist and gynecologist as quickly as possible. In this case, the bet should be placed primarily on the man, since analyzes are usually relatively inexpensive, and the results become available in the coming days.

Spermogram is a quantitative and qualitative study of semen. It is a source of data on volumetric and numerical indicators, as well as the ability of individual sperm to fertilize an egg. Then, according to the test results, it may be necessary to undergo a complete examination of the blood (general and for hormones), the prostate gland and the individual components of the genitourinary system using ultrasound. Only then, based on the information received, the doctor will be able to draw a conclusion and prescribe adequate treatment. Usually, medical professionals prefer pharmacological, surgical intervention, IVF, and even sperm donation.

Although in most cases it is in the patient's strength to forget what signs or symptoms of male infertility have. To do this, you should reconsider your lifestyle, abandon the above habits, find a quiet job and spend more time with your soulmate. Write My Essay for Me Services