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Pest and Wasp Control
With the arrival of spring, flying insects intensify their activity. The flowering of plants causes both bees and wasps to flutter among the flowers to drink the nectar. At this time the nests are formed and new insects are born. It is the cycle of life. However, the presence of honeycomb or wasp nests next to our house, in gardens or parks can be dangerous to people's health. The bite of a single insect can be very dangerous for people suffering from allergy. On the other hand, a possible swarm attack is extremely dangerous and can even cause death. Hence the importance of having their proliferation under control. CONTROL OF SPARKS AND BEES The control of wasps and bees should always be carried out by specialized companies and with different methods. Bees are very important animals. Humans depend on them for crop pollination. From them we obtain honey, wax and even medications from their poison. For this reason they are a protected species in Europe. It is totally forbidden to destroy honeycombs and kill bees. If we have a nest that can be dangerous, we must have a specialized company to remove it without damaging them. At professional Pest Control services Santa Rosa we have had the opportunity to collaborate with firefighters in the hive removal. As regards wasps, the legal situation is different, since they are not in danger of extinction. In the environment of urban centers, wasps usually form hornets inside buildings, rooftops or any space where they feel safe. With the arrival of high temperatures they become more active and aggressive. They usually do not attack if they are not bothered but their bites are very painful and can be serious. A single wasp can sting several times since they do not lose the stinger as in the case of bees. In the presence of a wasp nest near an inhabited place, a series of precautions must be taken. The first is not to disturb them and, above all, do not try to remove the nest. It is prudent to contact a specialized company. We have qualified specialists and the precise technical means to carry out wasp control in Santa Rosa effectively and safely for people. Call us today!.