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Watch Dogs 2 Walkthrough - Infected Bytes
This task will be unlocked using basic operations or, alternatively, by hacking the phone of one of the citizens and, therefore, studying the virus.


The goal is to get to the infected phones and hack them. The easiest way to reach the goal is by car, and then with the help of a drone to quickly get information. [+13,000 followers]

Device Zero

You have to get to the phone - unfortunately, the only entrance is guarded by a pair of gangsters. The easiest way is to quietly sneak up and deal with individual goals. After reading the message on the phone, the problem with the virus will be solved. [+14,000 followers]

Always on

You can find out about this mission by hacking the phone of one of the informants (orange icons on the map of the city — the informant must be located somewhere south of the Painted Ladies). The mission itself is very short and requires you to convince Sitara's niece to stop broadcasting from her own home under the name Cindy Nonstop, as this can make her a potential killer target.

Go to the building indicated on the map, this is Cindy's house. Once there, find the box on the wall and break it. You will see a channel from one of the cameras in the house.

Hack the phone Cindy several times

Wait for Cindy to hang up and hack her to change music. You can also crack the lamp on the left and turn it off. Hack the phone Cindy a few more times to achieve the desired result. The mission will end when you lose the signal coming from her home [+27000 followers].

Access is denied

The final part of this mission will require you to hack into the Greystrom warehouse at the docks. This is a restricted area, so you should be careful. First you need to get to the box on the first floor (under the stairs). It would be nice to use a jumper to get there safely, but you can also distract the guards or pull them out, and personally get to the box.

Use the elevator platform to get to the roof

After you have hacked the system, find an elevator platform nearby. Bring it closer to the warehouse and use the platform to get to the roof. There should be only one guard who can easily be disabled or killed (you can also climb the stairs if you made your way to the box under the stairs). Enter the small room and hack into the computer to read the email. And you complete the mission [+9000 followers].