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Tips for completing the game Call of Duty: Ghosts. Extinction Mode Maps Motel and City
So far, this is the only map available in Extinction mode. With the exception of the mission on board the helicopter, the map was divided into 3 parts: motel, city and lodge. Your task in each part of the map is to destroy the alien hives, after which you will deal with the hive of the barricade. After you have destroyed the last hive, you must arm the nuclear charge and escape to the helicopter at the beginning of the map.


The easiest of all parts of the map. The main goal of your team is to gain as many skill points as possible, completing the tasks assigned to you. This should not be difficult, given the fact that you will fight with scouts almost all the time. After you have completed this part (that is, destroyed the hive), you should have at least one fully developed skill - if so, then in the next part it will be easier for you.

If your character class is Weapons Specialist, you should put your points in the skill tree to maximize the damage you do.

If you play with any other class, you should focus on updating your automatic Sentry Gun and, if you still haven't unlocked it, focus on the minigun tower or the grenade tower, or updating to the maximum will be very useful in the next part of the map.


Probably the most difficult of the stages where you have to fight with all the aliens available in the game.

Unlike the previous stage, while in the city, you will have to navigate through narrow streets full of buildings that aliens can move around without any problems. That is why you can expect an attack from any direction.

At this point, each team member should focus on developing support for the team or ammunition tree and invest at least 2 points in the character class. It’s a good idea to get LMG (Light Machine Gun), which will be available immediately after entering the city (it is on a small wooden board). It's quite expensive, with a price of $ 3,000, but ammunition and firepower more than make up for it. The only drawback of LMG is that it takes a long time to recharge, and therefore it should be done when there are no aliens around.

Immediately after you enter the City, and after you destroy the hive of the barricade, a Rhino will appear. You should not have a problem with this, although the entire squad fires at him. You need to beware of falling meteorites when the Seekers crawl out of them - deal with them as far as possible so as not to expose yourself to damage from them.

As much as possible, you should try to complete the tests, because additional skill points are always useful - this can be problematic, given the huge number of attacking aliens.

Once you have reached the stage at which you must destroy the hive of the barricade, you must prepare properly. Let one of the squad members watch the buildings with a barricade hive between them - often there is a Scorpion hiding there, and it will interfere with the operation of the helicopter. Activating the high-voltage fence and deploying Sentry Guns should effectively destroy most aliens - at the same time, you and your team should be focused on destroying Scorpions attacking the helicopter. online casino real money nz.