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True Crime: New York City Walkthrough - Crime: Premises
Smuggling is hidden in the club - smuggling is hidden in the club.

Number of intruders / key: 0.

Armor: not applicable.

Difficulty level: 1.

Evidence at the crime scene: yes - about 4 packs of drugs of various sizes with a total cost of 20 career points or $ 6,000.

Useful weapons: not needed.

Solution: first look for hidden goods of the club in the club - you will find them mainly in the bar. Just find 3 packs of “ashes” to successfully solve this crime, but there are 4 packs in the room (all in the bar). In the end, you can search for clientele, you will probably also find something ...

Counterfeit Cash Cache - A shelter in which counterfeit money is stored.

Number of intruders / key: 4 / yes - that's it.

Armament of bandits: firearms, often machine guns.

Difficulty level: 4.

Evidence at the crime scene: yes - about 5 (left cash register, stolen wallets, chemicals, etc.), with a total cost of 20 career points or $ 6,000.

Useful weapons: stun gun, stun gun, machine gun, shotgun (but quick fire!).

Solution: go into the room and immediately begin to execute by electric chair or open fire from a stun gun - you are dealing with dangerous criminals, and everyone plays a key role, there is nothing to play. Having dealt with them right in front of you, look in the direction of the following. I think you can hide in the hallway while reloading (if you use a shotgun).

Fake Money Lab or Fake Money Label.

Number of intruders / key: 7 / no.

Arming bandits: some unarmed, some with firearms (including assault rifles).

Difficulty level: 4.

Evidence at the crime scene: yes - about 8 (left cash register, matrices, etc.), with a total value of 32 career points or 16,000 US dollars.

Useful weapons: stun gun, stun gun, pim, assault rifle.

Solution: this is probably one of the most interesting crimes. There are two ways to deal with this: 1) Enter this place with a carbine in your hands, stand somewhere far away from the dirt with yellow stripes above your head (that is, without weapons) and introduce yourself as “Police”! Wait for a few thugs armed with automatic weapons (red bars) to run out and shoot them! You can fight unarmed guys (although they are above average and can "play these blocks"), but it is best to treat them - one after another - with an electric stun gun. 2) Having entered, sneak up to the squatting places and take turns sorting through the "yellow" thugs, grabbing them from behind and neutralizing with suffocation, also helping yourself with a stun gun (especially in the second room). If you are really good, you will be able to neutralize all the thugs in this place, preventing them from grabbing weapons and shooting (the "red" will not even appear). Online custom essay writing service.