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Comparison of mineral wool and foam
Modern construction practice is not complete without partial or complete insulation of pipes, surfaces or walls. The market offers a wide range of insulation for different needs or regions of the climate. Modern technologies allow to insulate walls, floors, partitions, etc. The same manufacturers create different types of insulation in order to meet the high demands of developers.
Thermal insulation is designed, above all, to keep warm indoors. This saves money on energy. The technology allows to obtain insulation with a number of important qualities. Lightness - the minimum load on the supporting structure of the building is very important in the case of insulation. Combustion - the lower the risk of ignition, the more valuable the material, as the safety of people is paramount.
Consider the scope and production of polystyrene foam, or foam. The foam is obtained by heating and processing polystyrene granules; in the process, depending on the temperature and the rate of heating / cooling, it is given a certain density. Next, the material is cut into sheets of a certain density. Standard sheets of 20, 30, 50 or 100mm are usually used. Each foam granule is an empty sphere containing air. This is the biggest plus polystyrene - lightness. About 90% of the volume is air. In turn, its thermal conductivity is extremely small, which is successfully applied in practice.
A more modern material, according to the principle of foam plastic - extruded polystyrene foam, these are the same granules, but subjected to extrusion. As a result, a sheet of the same lightness is obtained, but also of high elasticity, which is not characteristic of "ordinary" foam. The scope of the foam is very wide - walls, partitions, floors and roof. As for the roof, the mineral wool here is considered more profitable. Foam try to use more in the walls and facades of buildings.
As for environmental friendliness, only foam plastic left for a long time in the open sun can be dangerous - harmful substances begin to evaporate from its surface, therefore foam plastic is usually either covered with a protective layer or installed in the internal cavities of a building.
Mineral wool is a fiber with synthetic binders. It is a melt of silicates of rocks and slags (a product of ferrous metallurgy). Minvat is a non-combustible material, as well as a certain composition of the fibers can be used not only as a heater, but also for sound insulation. Play all very more kizi games at the best kizi games site..