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Copywriting Services
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       "TITLE" is a unique content exchange where a webmaster can buy an original article for his site at a reasonable price, and a good author (copywriter) can sell an article without fear that he will be deceived without paying a fee.
Other content exchanges are organized in the form of forums, and their administration does not give freelance copywriters any guarantees of remuneration, or similar exchanges are engaged in the sale and exchange of articles with links from different sites to each other to increase the citation index in Yandex and Google “TITLE” are present, in addition to guaranteeing payment for the article, convenient deposit and withdrawal of money, a forum with tips, a rating system and stars for particularly successful authors and customers. Here, the majesty is ruled by His Majesty unique content (articles are checked for analogues on the network) and copyright. Copyright for the content - copyright - immediately and once after paying for the article passes from the copywriter to the buyer. After selling the article on “TITLE”, the author can no longer resell this content or distribute it either on the Internet or in ordinary life in any way. It is very easy for the webmaster to buy an article on the content exchange: for this, you need to transfer it from almost any virtual payment system money in any currency to the account opened in "TITLE". "Black" and "gray" schemes for optimizing a site for search engines are a thing of the past. Just a little bit and Yandex will change the algorithm for searching information in the direction of the uniqueness of content on the site and will no longer be guided by the number of links to the resource from other sites, since the citation index has often been artificially created recently by special associations of web resources. Including article exchanges with links to various web addresses already inserted in the text. Not all people with certain literary abilities know about this pleasant way to realize their creative talents for money. "TITLE" helps to sell the article at the price that the copywriter sets himself, personally. Selling content on the exchange is not so difficult as it seems to some. Literacy, literary syllable, imaginative thinking, some knowledge of the subject of the article, the ability to analyze information - these are the factors of the author’s success in “TITLE.” If you still doubt that someone wants to buy your article, start small - with a rewrite of the articles . If copyright implies the original idea of ​​content and the uniqueness of its presentation, then rewriting articles is a rework of existing content, which may consist in rearranging words, converting phrases, and choosing synonyms. Rewriting is cheaper than copyright, but to make it qualitatively, you need imagination and mastery of the syllable. If we talk about money, then the most successful copywriters earn up to $ 900 a month in the system, and average people confidently earn 100-300 bucks a month. As for webmasters, unique copyright and content brings new visitors to sites. So, according to some web designers, one cool article can lead to a resource of up to 100-200 unique hosts How to spent your BTC in a good way? Empire Market is great and most trendy Onion Net Market there is right now.. Being this big it faces the problem of continuous Ddos attack witch leads primary Empire Market URL to be down, and alternative mirrors too. That lead that empire market had to make more and more URL and onion mirrors and mirror. And the problem is that there are not to many ways costumers can get a right Empire Marketplace links..