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Japan excludes South Korea from the list of reliable trading partners
The Cabinet of Ministers on Friday, August 2, approved a plan to remove South Korea from the "white list" of countries with preferential export control, which is likely to lead to further deterioration of the already destroyed relations between the two countries in connection with wartime reparations.

The decision to limit the export of sensitive materials was made a month after Japan imposed a requirement to obtain individual permission from Japanese companies to export industrial materials used for semiconductors, smartphones and other high-tech devices.

The new measure, which will take effect on August 28, will apply a more stringent approval process to an expanded list of materials that can be redirected for military use. This may require additional administrative procedures for South Korean exporters to obtain export licenses.

Japan says trade measure was taken in response to problematic South Korean export control measures that affect national security

The move is likely to destroy supply chains and the high-tech sector during global trade tensions caused by the US-China trade war.

Tooth by tooth

South Korea has confirmed that it will respond in the same way by removing Japan from its “white list”. Minister of Finance Hon Namki said that the decision of the Japanese government & quot; fundamentally destroys the relationship of trust and cooperation that the two countries & quot; established.

“To this end, we express our strong protest and deep regret and urge Tokyo to immediately withdraw its vengeful trade measures.”

South Korea criticized the decision of Japan. President Moon Jae-ying called the move "reckless," adding that "Tokyo’s selfish act will do great harm to the global economy by breaking global supply chains."

"Japan should withdraw its unilateral and unfair measures as soon as possible and begin a dialogue."

Moon was unequivocal when he told his office: “We will no longer be defeated by Japan,” evoking memories of the troubled history of South Korea with Japan, which colonized the Korean Peninsula before World War II.

Seoul views its removal from the White List as retaliation for a ruling by a South Korean court last year that Japanese firms must compensate for forced labor used before and during the war.

Japan states that wartime issues were settled by a 1965 treaty normalizing bilateral relations, but territorial disputes over some islands remain.

Both nations are close allies of the United States. The ongoing dispute between the two East Asian powers arises when the United States seeks to present a united front against North Korea at a time when the negotiations on denuclearization with Pyongyang have reached an impasse.

China, which is in the midst of its own trade conflict with the United States, has sought to resolve the conflict between its Asian neighbors. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called for "sincerity and goodwill in a visionary, objective, and fair manner to properly deal with the differences."

Angry protests

South Korean demonstrators responded on Friday, accusing Japan of "economic invasion."

Protesters stood outside the Japanese Embassy in Seoul with No Abe signs referring to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

“This is an economic invasion that strikes at a vital point in our economy,” said Pak Secun, president of the Korean Alliance for Progressive Movement.

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