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Kingdom Heroes: Friv Overview
Humans, gnomes, demons, elves - whatever races the developers do not come up with, just to attract the attention of users to their game. Along with this, there are too complicated legends of the worlds and the relations of the fractions within them, and it’s good if the world is only one, and after all there are two or three, each with its own story - here one’s involuntarily the head goes round. Having looked at all this, the Chinese developers decided that it was necessary to take simplicity: in "The Emperor’s Way" , whether you want it or not, you still have to play for people living in the era of ancient China.

If you start to go into details, it turns out this: the Emperor from the glorious Han dynasty lived. And everything in his kingdom was wonderful, people well-fed, happy and healthy. At least that was what his closest advisers said, and, looking at ordinary people, the Emperor became more and more convinced - everything was fine. And at some point he realized that the bulk of the taxes did not settle in the state treasury, but in the pockets of his officials. Unfortunately, then it was too late to change something, the people began to rebel, and as a result, the cunning magician Zhang Jiao skillfully took advantage of the situation by launching an attack on the imperial army. First, the celebrated Chinese commanders He Jin Dong Zhuo, Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Jian defended the peasants, but over time they themselves fought, arguing which of them deserves power. Friv games play online at this website at the best friv games. The first two in the fight for the throne died, but Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Sun Jian, realizing the main mistake of their opponents, began to capture the throne from afar, which is why the territory was divided into three states. Playing for one of them does not give us advantages, so everyone goes through training together, and then they choose which of the generals they want to serve and help.

There are four classes of characters to choose from: warrior, strategist, sorcerer, and hunter. They have the following set of characteristics: strength, physique, dexterity, charm, will and intelligence. To develop all these qualities evenly, to put it mildly, is unprofitable, therefore, each class has its own set of the most important parameters. So who is best to play for? It all depends on what style you prefer.

Want to be in the middle of the battle? Be a warrior who perfectly holds the blow, and his strength is enough to withstand the crowd of enemies. In addition, this is exactly the class that is ideal for both single and team game lovers. With a high degree of endurance, you can travel the world accompanied by two soldiers and fight with enemies or take on the role of a shield for a group, not allowing enemies to more vulnerable comrades.

If you are not a fan of close combat, and nature has given you the ability to control and strategic thinking, then the strategist will be the ideal hero for you. By choosing this class, you can stand in the distance and give orders to your brave warriors, and if one of them suffers, you will quickly heal him.

Do not like to look at the battle from the side, but also do not want to fight shoulder to shoulder with your soldiers? Not a problem, choose a sorcerer. Despite the fact that you play for ordinary people, the “Path of the Emperor" could not do without magicians. But the Ancient East is a mystery covered in darkness, so who knows, probably they were there. Sorcerers are able to beat enemies from afar, using the power of the elements and bringing down all the power of nature. In this class, there can be up to two soldiers who will defend, if suddenly one of the enemies decides to come closer.

There is no way to decide which is better - rushing headlong into the very heart of the battle or striking from a safe distance and, in case of failure, hurriedly fleeing ... hmm, that is, quickly retreating from the battlefield? Then your choice is a quick and nimble hunter. Not possessing powerful armor or the ability to attack immediately a large group of opponents, it will still cause a lot of trouble thanks to the numerous soldiers. With enough points in charm, he can lead up to four people. It is also difficult to overestimate his role in the group: he is the only one able to bring fallen comrades back to life.

However, no one bothers to read all this in the description of the game. It is much more important to note that in the "Path of the Emperor"There is no clearly defined role for each class. All that is said on the official website is just recommendations. So, with emphasis on physique, the hunter will turn out to be a melee fighter almost inferior to the warrior, and the strategist, who put all his strength into the intellect, will not be inferior to the sorcerer by the power of strikes. The only thing that will be important is to choose the right specialization to achieve the highest levels.

Let's take a closer look at your squad. Regardless of how many people he consists of, a detachment in the "Path of the Emperor"significantly different from the "pets" in other MMORPGs, although, it would seem, the similarity is just there. Among the differences, the most noticeable is the gradual development of satellites along with the hero. Moreover, this development does not occur according to the principle “the character has gained the hundredth level, therefore the strength of your soldiers increases”, here each of them accumulates experience in battle, and over time they will even have to choose their specialization, due to which they will start to fight better or even learn to heal you.

How often in games do we meet various not-so-honest people who use bots? For this, they usually go to the ban, because if you want to be the first on the server - be kind, live on it, and do not go for a walk while your hero is gaining level. But in the "Path of the Emperor"In addition to such a complex development option, there is another, much more humane one. Namely, the built-in and absolutely legal pumping of heroes. That's how you started the game on your laptop, sit in a cafe, wait for a business partner for a business lunch (a canteen at an institute or school is also suitable) and slowly grow in level. And as soon as you understand that things are waiting for you, put your soldiers in automatic mode. While you solve your problems in real life, your characters kill all the mobs in the area of ​​visibility, earn “level up” and money. By the way, quest tasks here can also be put into semi-automatic mode. So go to work in the morning, and come back in the evening and check that your wards there were in time for the day.

However, not participating at all in the process is like putting a brand new “Civilization” and watching how states are at war with each other without you, that is, it’s simply not interesting. Therefore, there are things in the "Path of the Emperor" in which your direct participation is necessary. Basically, these are the elements that are associated with the main task of any guild - the capture of cities, towns, villages and villages. As the developers themselves say, the game in the guild is the best that can be in the "Path of the Emperor . " Well, almost the best, because playing in a strong and respected guild will be even cooler. Another thing is that, as in ancient China, small and inconspicuous clans sometimes came to power, so here, every one from young to old has a chance, you just need to choose the right strategy.

If you are fortunate enough to capture the city, it's too early to shout “Hurray!”. Because it will be difficult to keep it, but to make your life easier, try to build a number of improvements - for example, towers or traps. If this seems too expensive to you, remember that in order to buy something, you must first sell something. Want to get a stable tax on your property? Take care that no one encroaches on them.

To ensure large-scale battles at sea and on land, developers had to sacrifice the quality of the graphics. So, for example, you can appreciate the whole polygon of the world of Ancient China due to the low level of smoothing or look at not too natural horses. From here we draw a simple conclusion: if you are an esthete who runs Crysis at maximum settings and still sees flaws in the schedule, the “Path of the Emperor” is clearly not for you. If you are a fan of interesting gameplay and exciting stories - welcome to the world of Ancient China!