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What to do with signs of general hypothermia and what help should be provided to the victim
Subcooling is one of the main dangers for residents of cold countries and it is necessary to be able to resist it. First you need to know the body temperature, which is dangerous for humans. Hypothermia begins to harm organs and parts of the body when the temperature reaches 35 degrees. A subsequent decline will only exacerbate the situation. At a body temperature of 17 to 25 degrees, a person dies.
Lowering body temperature is the result of a long stay in cold air, in water and any other environment. The body is less resistant to cooling during hunger, under the influence of alcohol, severe fatigue and blood loss. Children and older people are more vulnerable to a cold environment, and their body temperature drops faster. High humidity helps accelerate the onset of hypothermia. Light, tight, and damp clothing adversely affects heat retention.
The first signs of hypothermia are chills, blue lips, shortness of breath and pallor of the skin. At a higher level of hypothermia, the victim is characterized by indifference, drowsiness, weakness throughout the body and a sharp appearance of fatigue. At this stage, the person also loses the ability to move around without assistance. At the last stages of hypothermia, a person begins to lose consciousness. Heart and breath stop. If it came to that, then as soon as possible to take the necessary measures.
In case of detection of signs of hypothermia, it is necessary to deliver the victim to a warm, calm room, to wrap him in a blanket, blanket or something like that. If the clothes are wet, then they should be disposed of immediately. Prior to the arrival of the ambulance, it is necessary to maintain breathing and pulse. For this, indirect cardiac massage and artificial respiration should be used. If the condition of the victim is stable, he needs to ensure peace, not disturb him and forbid him to move.
If the victim has not lost consciousness and is not in a swoon, he needs to be drunk with a hot sweet drink, whether it be tea, coffee or milk. Subcooling alcohol is strictly prohibited. All of the above must be maintained until the ambulance arrives.
To restore the temperature, it is strictly forbidden to use heating pads, a hot bath or rubbing, as this will cause a temperature difference between the external skin integument and internal organs. Any attempt to quickly raise body temperature from the outside can be fatal. It is necessary to raise the temperature from the inside and slowly. Otherwise, blood flow may be disrupted, which in turn will lead to the death of tissue and, consequently, to death or amputation of parts of the body. Vous pourriez rien pas être dans mesure avec prendre Levitra en ligne , ou bien vous pourriez tenir exigence d'un ajustement en tenant cette posologie ou d'une vigilance spéciale instant cela traitement supposé que vous présentez l'une sûrs complaisance énumérées celui-ci sur..