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Meet Luminosity, the new age Learning Management System (LMS)

Salient Features

  1. Simplified and user-friendly interface for teachers.
  2. Single portal containing digital content for grades 1 to 10.
  3. A unique mix of 2D and 3D content to make learning engaging and effective.
  4. Intuitively engaging 3D animated videos and learning objects for an immersive visual experience and improved learning.
  5. Well-designed activities to make learning engaging and fun.
  6. High-end simulations and virtual labs to promote “deep learning”.

We are sure that Luminosity will help teachers to effectively engage students which in turn will help achieve better learning outcomes. Luminosity is an evolving and dynamic LMS. We would continue to add new elements and content to our repository on a regular basis.

Software and Hardware Prerequisite List


1. Which all grades content is available on Luminosity?

Ans: Luminosity includes preschool content (PG, Nursery, Jr. KG, Sr. KG) and school content (Grade 1 to Grade 10)

2. Which all subjects content is available on Luminosity?

Ans: For Preschool: Concept Time, Math Time, Language Time, and Sensory Time. For School: Mathematics, Science, Environmental Studies, English, Hindi, English Grammar, Hindi Grammar, Geography, History, Civics, Economics

3. What are the different types of content that are available on Luminosity?

Ans: Luminosity gives you access to following types of content: 2D/ 3 D videos, simulations, concept maps, IWBs, assessments, Keywords, cool facts, and audio files.

4. Can I upload my resources into it?

Ans: Yes. On the screen, click on ‘Upload Resource’. Follow the steps given in it to upload your content file.

5. How frequently will I be required to use Luminosity?

Ans: Luminosity is a LMS. The more you use it, the more you will benefit as a teacher.