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Mount Litera - Parents Issues and Advice

Top Discipline Mistakes Teachers Make

It was a good 10 minutes since Deborah had entered the classroom and there was no sign of the children dialing down. Even her instructions and protests to get the children to be quiet were only faintly heard — such was the noise the grade 3 students made. Have you had to counter any such situation? What do you think Deborah did wrongly here?

If you think she could not control the class because she was short of resources, know that Deborah had all the tools a

Building Social Skills in Children

If children can be associated with an attribute that comes naturally to them, it has to be innocence. All the other qualities that you might find in a child should have been inherited from the people around him/her. Socialisation is what shapes an individual’s character. So it is all the more necessary to establish social skills early in childhood. Would you not like it if your child perfects the art of entertaining guests?

Social skills encompass a wide ran