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Parent Testimonials

Sukhdeep Kaur

I am really impressed with the fantastic atmosphere with the school and the way in which you quickly transformed it into not just a centre of learning, but a central point for the whole community.

MLZS, Gwalior

Renu Shivere

Upon visiting Mount Litera Zee School, we feel that the warm, caring ethos of the school suits our child’s personality and feel it is the best school in the area to bring out her full potential. Our child loved the school when we viewed it, and she instantly felt comfortable and at home there. It was evident that the teachers really wanted to know each child and understand all of their individual quirks and traits. We are so keen for her to attend Mount Litera Zee School and very impressed with everything we know about it so far, including the nvironment they learn in, the education they receive and the development of the children’s characters.

MLZS, Gwalior

Neelam Singh

Although geographically this is not the closest school, they Endeavour to provide a family ethos, were the child is cared for, listened to, and valued as an individual. As parents we feel this is important. They make every effort to make learning enjoyable and rewarding. It is a new school, which is well equipped and offers up to date technology. They have after school and during school activities/clubs.

MLZS, Gwalior

Pooja Johar

You’ve probably gathered how happy all our children are at Mount Litera Zee School. They are not just happy but all of them are blossoming in every way. They are more confident and amazing children in your amazing school. You know what a big decision it was for me…well we just haven’t looked back.

MLZS, Gwalior

Jagdish Sharma

This is a brand new school with an already fantastic reputation and facilities.

MLZS, Gwalior

Mr. Joseph Paul

You know a child is happy at a school just by measuring her enthusiasm in getting up in the morning. My daughter, Ananya, is so enthusiastic to go to school, she wakes up before us. There‘s nothing more relieving than knowing that your child is in the best hands, academically as well as emotionally.