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Child Development - Know Child Development Issues

Challenges in Urban Parenting

"How many seconds this time?" — 4-year-old Akash asked his caretaker after gulping down his second glass of milk in less than 10 seconds. Meanwhile, the caretaker was trying hard to figure a game to make him also eat his afternoon meal. Every day passed like this — the caretaker had to first come up with an amusing distraction for the child to stop longing for his parents after they left for work, and thereafter, she had to come up with a new game every time to

Developing Scientific Thinking in Children

How often has your child spared a pen by not taking its parts apart? You could say that they do that to pens or any other objects because they do not know what they are actually used for. But then, it is also possible that they know the use of the objects and are curious to learn what is making the objects work the way they do. Either way, the curiosity evidences point to children’s capability to think scientifically.

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