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Before starting work, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the laying technology. Its description can be found on the insert inside each package. Tools for work: a hammer, wooden bars, to soften the blows of the hammer and not damage the locks of the laminate panel, a hacksaw, spacers, wedges, pencil, tape measure and clamp.

Laminate should be aged in the room where it is planned to be laid. Failure to comply with this paragraph may lead to the fact that in the future the volume of the panels may change, cracks and irregularities in the form of swelling may appear.

It is necessary to prepare the surface in the room. The base must be level. If there is a difference of 2-3 mm per linear meter, this can lead to deformation of the surface of the material after installation. Alignment should be done. Then the surface is cleaned of dirt, dust. A good base for a laminate floor is concrete, linoleum, parquet.

After preparation, the coating is covered with plastic wrap. This allows isolation from moisture. As sound insulation, a special bitumen substrate is used. Installing a laminate on an electrically heated floor can lead to further gaps between the panels. Such problems do not arise with a water-heated floor.

To avoid the appearance of seams between the panels, it is recommended to lay them parallel to the incident light from the window. Between the wall and the panel it is necessary to leave a gap of about 5-15 mm wide. For this, special wedges are installed. Distance is necessary to prevent deformation of the coating when humidity changes. Laminate is laid lock to the wall.

The second row is laid with a displacement of the end side of at least 20 cm. The extreme tile must be cut with a hacksaw. To snap the lock, from the ends the laminate is hammered with a hammer through a block that softens the blow. When the last panel is mounted, a clamp is used to lock the locks, since the wall does not allow you to do this operation with a hammer.

Holes are cut out under the heating pipes and other elements in the panel. In order not to be mistaken in the calculations, a contour of the required hole is drawn on a piece of paper, and a template is made. If the hole is far from the edge of the panel, it is cut, then glued again.

At the last stage, the plinth is installed. Its design should not exert pressure on the coating, so as not to lead to deformation.

Laminate requires special operating conditions. Cleaning is done with a soft, well-wrung cloth. A soft mat is placed at the entrance to prevent dust and particles from entering the surface. The legs of the chairs are upholstered with felt or cloth.
Independent laying of the laminate is not difficult, if you follow the simple logic of installation.