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Spider-Man - Main Mission: We turn on listening towers and eliminate threats in the area
In the previous mission “My second job” we remained in the laboratory, where we solved puzzles and puzzles. Spider-Man is a character who feels better in the city, helping those in need. This time it turns out that Captain Yuri Watanabe needs help.

Therefore, we go to the place indicated by the yellow marker of the mission, where we are talking with a woman. She mentions us about listening towers that suddenly stopped working. Nevertheless, they are necessary for local activities, so our task is to include them. The mission includes only three towers, but in the whole city there are much more.

This task, after all, is another part of the textbook, simply related to the auditory towers. These are buildings that, after a mini-game, reveal the most important places and collectibles in this area of ​​the city. After completing this mission, it is worth spending some time activating all the towers in the city. Go to the first tower and interact.

The pink line represents the correct waveform. Our task is to maneuver with two analogs on the tablet so that the white thin line coincides with the pink one. Sometimes - depending on the tower - a smooth movement in one direction is enough, in other cases you will have to rotate several times.

Using the left analog, you adjust the width of the white wave. Thus, you must rotate the analog until the highest and lowest points of the white wave are at the same width as the pink wave.

Then, using the right analog, correct the height of the white wave so that it completely matches the pink. After the waves are correctly tuned, when they both overlap, a change to green should occur. This is a sign that the listening tower has been repaired and a nearby area has been discovered.

However, this is not the end of the mission. Then Captain Watanabe will contact you and, seizing the opportunity to repair the first listening tower, will ask you to help in some minor matters. In the beginning, you will notice that tower repair also lets you know about crimes in the area. The first crime takes place literally across the street in front - it will be marked with a red marker on the street below.

If the marker disappears, simply press R3 to highlight all the actions in this area. Going a little closer, the animation will begin, after which you will have to deal with a group of six opponents. You will also meet a new type of enemy - armed with melee weapons.

The fight should not cause you too many problems. Having dealt with the enemies, you will find another crime. Go to the indicated place and deal with the next group. The game will also teach you how to disarm enemies. Rescuing a woman, go to the indicated observation point in the building next door. From there you will see another listening tower.

Go there and, as in the first situation of this type, repair the tower. This time, instead of a crime, you will be presented with one of the types of collectibles and secrets - backpacks. So follow to the green indicator to find the first backpack.

Once you do this, proceed to the next place where the crime occurs. This is a robbery of a jeweler. Deal with armed opponents, and then repair the last tower in Chinatown. Thus, you will complete the mission by discovering many secrets and collectibles in the area.